The highest standards of quality control are used in the production of Powercrete at our cutting-edge blending facility, which blends 30% Fly Ash and 70% Portland Cement in a controlled manner.

Fly Ash is a fine siliceous powder with pozzolanic properties that is used as an admixture in concrete.

For a specific use as a cementitious component of concrete, the finer fraction has been developed.

Fly Ash, a fine particulate ash produced during the combustion of solid fuels like coal and released into the atmosphere as an airborne emission, is recovered and used for a variety of commercial purposes.

The primary current use of Fly Ash in the construction industry is to replace Portland cement, which holds the sand and gravel in concrete together. Fly ash is made up of microscopic spheres that are primarily composed of silica, iron, aluminum, and calcium.

One of the byproducts of combustion, fly ash is made up of the tiny particles that rise with the flue gases.