The most popular kind of cement in use today is portland cement. In addition to other building materials like stucco and some varieties of grout, Portland cement can be found in both concrete and mortar where it serves as a binding agent. Chemically speaking, Portland cement is a fine powder made up of primarily aluminum and iron, with a calcium oxide content of about 64%. Because it is not soluble in water, Portland cement is a hydraulic substance that needs water to generate exothermic linkages.

Portland cement was first patented in 1824 by an Englishman named Joseph Aspdin. However, it was his son William Aspodin who created the mix that was truly successful and is still used today. Portland cement was initially created as a cement that would set slowly, allowing enough time for it to be properly laid, and a water-resistant cement that could be used in construction applications where water would come into contact with the cement.


Used in all types of regular reinforced concrete for all applications where no special types of cement is required.

  • Ready mix concrete.
  • Columns and Foundations.
  • Pre Bagged Cementitious Product.